20 April, 2011

Internship Programme in Malta

English Plus Language Centre offers unpaid Internship programmes in Malta which offer personal and professional development opportunities through formal training and professional work experience in a variety of fields, including: Tourism & Travel, Hospitality, Housekeeping, Education, Finance, Marketing & Sales, Public Relations, Retail, Graphic Design, Web Design, Office Administration, Accounting, Architecture and other areas.

Throughout the duration of the internship we provide you with the opportunity to gain practical work experience in your chosen field with legitimate organisations, to develop international contacts and experience other cultures. These factors all contribute to help you enhance your curriculum vitae and increase your chances in finding your desired job and to develop the career of your choice.

We will not accept you in our programme if we cannot guarantee you an internship in your chosen career field. Just let us know in which field you are interested and we will do the rest for you.

Programme includes: work placement, accommodation in a host family (including meals) or school residence accommodation for those who would like to be more independent, 2 weeks English language course (depending on your level of English), airport transfers, certificate at the end of your Internship, tutoring services and support with any documents required, filling in of evaluations and journals, regular contact with your school or sending organisation should your internship be part of the necessary requirements to complete your course of studies.

Language Skills: You need to have a pre-intermediate level of English. To prepare for your internship it is obligatory to participate in a 2 week English language course.

Many Companies will not accept you unless you have a pre-intermediate level of English but you can still book additional course weeks while you are here to reach the required level of English.


  • Non-refundable Registration Fee of 200 Euro
  • Organisation Fee of 350 Euro which you have to pay as soon as we confirm your placement
  • Other expenses depend on the duration and type of accommodation chosen. Minimum duration is of 6 weeks

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